The 2012 Gartner-FEI CFO Technology Survey -- Reviewed by Jeff Henley, Oracle Chairman

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Published on Thu, 13 Sep 2012 14:54:22 +0000 Indexed on 2012/09/13 21:45 UTC
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Jeff Henley and Oracle Business Analytics VP Rich Clayton break down the findings of the 2012 Gartner-FEI CFO Technology Survey.  The survey produced by Gartner gathers CFOs perceptions about technology, trends and planned improvements to operations.  Financial executives and IT professionals can use these findings to align spending and organizational priorities and understand how technology should support corporate performance. 


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Key Findings

  • ·        Despite slow economic growth, CFOs expect conservative, steady IT spending.
  • ·        The CFOs role in IT investment has increased again in 2012.
  • ·        The 45% of IT leaders that report to the CFO are more than report to any other executive, and represent an increase of 3%.
  • ·        Business analytics needs technology improvement.
  • ·        CFOs are focused on business analytics and business applications more than on technology.
  • ·        Information, social, cloud and mobile technology trends are on CFOs' radar.
  • ·        Focusing on corporate performance management (CPM) projects, 63% of CFOs plan to upgrade business intelligence (BI), analytics and performance management in 2012.
  • ·        Despite advancements in strategy management technologies, CFOs still focus on lagging key performance indicators (KPIs) only.
  • ·        A pace-layered strategy for applications is needed (92% of CFOs believe IT doesn't provide transformation/differentiation).
  • ·        New applications in financial governance rank high on improving compliance and efficiency.

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