Book Review: Professional ASP.NET Design Patterns by Scott Millett

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Published on Thu, 27 Sep 2012 11:03:51 GMT Indexed on 2012/09/27 21:38 UTC
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In the next few lines, I will be providing a brief review of Wrox’s Professional ASP.NET Design Patterns by Scott Millett.

Design patterns have been a hot topic for many years as developers looked to do more with less, re-use as much code as possible by creating common libraries, as well as make their code easier to understand, extend and collaborate on.

Scott Millett’s book covered classic and emerging patterns in a practical presentation that demonstrated with thorough examples how to put each pattern to use in the context of multi-tiered ASP.NET applications. The author’s unique approach and content earned him much kudos in the foreword by Scott Hanselman as well as online reviews.

The book has 14 chapters of which 5 are dedicated to a comprehensive case study. Patterns covered therein include S.O.L.I.D, Gang of Four (GoF) as well as Martin Fowler’s Patterns of Enterprise Applications.

Many thanks to the Wiley/Wrox User Group Program for their support of our West Palm Beach Developers’ Group.

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