London Nov-8: Desktop Virtualisation Seminar

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Published on Tue, 6 Nov 2012 16:28:24 +0000 Indexed on 2012/11/06 17:12 UTC
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Desktop Virtualisation Seminar


Simplify Application and Data Access with Oracle Desktop Virtualisation

Many companies claim they’ll handle your application access needs, and yet only Oracle can provide you with every component needed for secure and reliable access to Oracle Applications and other enterprise software from a variety of devices. This means you can design your deployment knowing that all of the pieces work together, from applications and virtualisation to servers and storage systems.

Join us to learn how Oracle desktop virtualisation helps you get the most from your valuable IT resources. Topics we’ll cover and demonstrate in this productive half-day event include:

  • How to provide secure access to applications and data from nearly anywhere on a wide range of devices
  • Use cases for desktop virtualisation
  • How desktop virtualisation can support a wider business transformation agenda
  • Reasons to embrace employees using their own devices for work-related activities
  • How virtualisation can extend the life of your PCs and other devices
  • How desktop virtualisation can decrease your carbon footprint and IT costs


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