MySQL Workbench is not finding MySQL service? [closed]

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I set up a local MySQL server, currently with no databases. I'm trying to create a new server instance profile in MySQL Workbench to manage the server, and during the Create New Server Instance Profile wizard, it gets to the Windows Management section and tells me that No MySQL service found.

I went into Task Manager and found the process mysqld.exe to be running, under the user name of NETWORK SERVICE. Then I went into the Services tab and found that MySQLServerName (I custom named the Windows service) is also there, and status is running.

I ran cports and looked at what ports mysqld.exe is using, and ran a telnet command on that port. It's reporting that the port is being listened in on. I then ran the MySQL Command Line Client to be sure, and after \r it gives me a proper connection ID and a list of databases (NONE at this point).

But with all this, I can't make the wizard find a running service. I've Googled this and found no answers, so please, if someone would help shed some light on this issue that'd be great!

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