How do I get a hold of the Reply-To header and remunge it in postfix

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I have a legacy application that emails via php.

5% of the emails aren't going through. The solution is to route all email through a fancy verified mail server like Amazon's SES. I am having some trouble implementing this functionality.

It seems this guy had a similar problem.

My question is where in postfix can I set a filter that will take as input the the message headers, so that I can manually set the From field and the Reply-To field to [email protected] and [email protected], respectively. Where whatever_php_wants is dictated by the php program and the users registration email.

I know where to set the noreply portion, but I don't know the exact place in postfix's configuration files where I can intercept complete emails and pass them to a script.


So I want emails to look like:

FROM: n[email protected]
REPLY-TO: [email protected]

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