SDLC/Deployment/Documentation ERP/framework that minimizes developer misery

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I was wondering if there are favorite SDLC/Deployment/Documentation/Versioning ERP/frameworks that work with popular SDLC methodologies, such as Agile, that minimize developer exposure to what most programmer hate to do most -- PAPERWORK ?

Often, release management is extremely inefficient and there is a lot of data duplication across documents that are required to accompany changes -- e.g. when submitting a deployment request, I must list all files and their revisions from source control -- but why is that necessary if every file revision I check in is pinned to a work order and a deployment request is just a list of work orders -- such info should be able to be pulled from the system automatically without me needing to extract it and report it. And then there is a backout plan -- well just do everything in reverse from what you did to deploy -- why do you need specific instructions?

Similar applies for documentation... So I am curious if there is an overall, all-encompassing ERP that includes source control and minimizes paperwork by sharing centralized data across different documents (such as documentation being pulled from javadoc without needing to write it separately) associated with SDLC yet does not compromise structure and control over the code base and release management.

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