Artificial Intelligence implemented in x86 Assembly? [closed]

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Okay, so I decided that for my upcoming operating system, I do basically everything in x86 Assembly, using only 16-bit mode.

I will need to write the software to host on it once I have something up and going, and I'll definitely post the source and VM-executable file.

But as for now I'm stuck with the idea of implementing the AI code for some of the games I'm making to host on it.

AI in Assembly is tedious, and sometimes almost impossible seeming, especially complex AI(I'm talking SNES Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island AI here, by the way, not pong AI).

I was thinking that it'd be such a hassle that I'd have to bring a higher-level language to work some of this out here, like maybe C++ or C#, but I'd have to go through more work linking it into a fine binary that my OS will host, and that adds unnecessary work to the table I wanted to avoid(I don't want a complex system, I want everything as bare-bones as possible, avoiding libraries, APIs, and linkable formats for now, to make everything more directly accessible to the kernel's API).

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