Block Fortress is an Awesome Tower Defense Game

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What do you get when you mix Minecraft, tower defense, and a first-person shooter together? Block Fortress! This awesome game combines the best aspects of three game types into one unique, action-packed romp for survival and victory.

Keep in mind that the game has quite a bit going on, so we will only be able to offer a quick glimpse with our post. Also, it may take a few minutes to become familiar with how to maneuver around in the game area using various gestures on your device’s screen.

From the Block Fortress homepage: It offers more than 30 different building blocks, 16 different turret blocks, and tons of additional items to build (including mining blocks, lumber blocks, storage crates, power generators, and much more). It also includes many different weapon and item upgrades for your character – all brought to bear against the relentless attacks of the Goblocks!

Block Fortress currently comes with three modes of game play: Survival, Quickstart, and Sandbox. As you can see, there should be more modes available at a later date.

There are many types of terrain to choose from, or if you wish you can select Random for a nice surprise. For our example we chose Snowy Hills.

Time to have a look around and find a nice spot to set up our barracks…

This spot looks like it will do rather nicely…

Just for fun we set up a castle-style set of walls and entry point for our barracks. Now on to fun and adventure!

You can see what the game looks like in action with the official launch trailer…

Price: 0.99 (U.S.)

Block Fortress [iTunes App Store]

Block Fortress Homepage

Official Block Fortress Launch Trailer [YouTube]


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