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clip_image001Ronald Luttikhuizen ?My latest upload: SOA Made Simple | Introduction to SOA on @slideshare … via @SlideShare

clip_image002OTNArchBeat ?ArchBeat Link-o-Rama for October 4, 2013 #cloud #linux #oaam #soa

clip_image003Lucas Jellema ?My blog article shows news on the new SOA Suite 12c release - as it was publicly available during #oow13 see: …

clip_image004Yogesh Sontakke ?Introducing OER's new Express Workflows - Simplified Lifecycle Management. Blog post: @soacommunity #soagovernance

clip_image005SrinivasPadmanabhuni ?"@OTNArchBeat: SOA and User Interfaces - by @soacommunity @HajoNormann @gschmutz @t_winterberg et al #industrialsoa "

clip_image006SOA Community ?SOA and User-Interfaces article published part of #industrialSOA at Service Technology Magazine #soacommunity

clip_image007Estafet Limited ?@Estafet win @UKOUG Middleware Partner of the Year 2013

clip_image004[1]Yogesh Sontakke ?RT @VikasAatOracle: #Oracle #B2B - written by experts #soa #soacommunity #oraclesoa - time to get a copy ! @SOAScott

clip_image008Danilo Schmiedel ?Thanks a lot to Juergen @soacommunity for the super interesting and well-organized Partner Advisory Council yesterday! Such a Great Value!

clip_image002[1]OTNArchBeat ?Case management supporting re-landscaping application portfolios | @leonsmiers

clip_image009Samantha Searle ?Apply for the #GartnerBPM 2014 Excellence Awards - find out how via this link #Gartner #bpm #process #entarch #cio

clip_image002[2]OTNArchBeat ?SOA and User Interfaces - by @soacommunity @hajonormann @gschmutz @t_winterberg et al #industrialsoa

clip_image010Dain Hansen ?Hybrid #cloud is on the rise, but is the IT department's culture standing in the way? #CloudIntegration #OracleSOA

clip_image002[3]OTNArchBeat #SOASuite 11g ps6 - Download your log files directly from the Enterprise Manager | @whitehorsenl

clip_image012Whitehorses ?Whiteblog: SOA Suite 11g ps6 - Download your log files directly from the Enterprise Manager ( )

clip_image013Rajesh Raheja ?Cloud integration session recap #oow13 …

clip_image014Vikas Anand ?@Ahmed_Aboulnaga thanks for the excellent summary and kind words. #oow13 #cloud #oraclesoa …

clip_image015Luis Augusto Weir ?REST is also SOA. Check it out … #soacommunity

clip_image016Graham ?@OracleBPM & @soacommunity: 5 Ways to Modernize Applications with BPM #AppAdvantage" #oracleday

clip_image006[1]SOA Community ?#ACED director asked me for BPM references in FSI - ever visited my #SOACommunity workspace? … #soacommunity #bpm

clip_image017OracleBlogs ?SOA Community Newsletter September 2013

clip_image002[4]OTNArchBeat ?OOW13: First glimpses of the new #SOASuite12c | @LucasJellema

clip_image019sbernhardt ?Just published new blog entry on OOW 2013 wrap up. … #oow13 @OC_WIRE @soacommunity

clip_image020Emiel Paasschens ?Home with family after an overwhelming #OOW week in San Francisco with lot of info & meetings. Special thanx to @OracleBelux & @soacommunity

clip_image021Robert van Mölken ?Had a awesome week at #OOW13 in SF. Highlights were the @soacommunity Wine tour, @OracleBelux meet-ups and @OracleSOA CAB. Thanks to all :)

clip_image006[2]SOA Community ?The place Oracle Fusion middleware comes from - Oracle 200 - TKs office - next Oracle 100 - SOA & BPM #soacommunity

clip_image023Oracle BPM ?5 Ways to Modernize Applications with BPM #AppAdvantage

clip_image024Simon Haslam ?Ha ha - how did we miss that! RT @lucasjellema: Post conference announcement of a new middleware appliance? #oow13

clip_image002[5]OTNArchBeat ?The OTNArchBeat Daily is out! … ? Top stories today via @lucasjellema @myfear @TylerJewell

clip_image026Packt Publishing ?Get 50% off ALL our DRM-free eBooks - this weekend only! Go to and use code BIG50, as often as you like! #BIG50

clip_image017[1]OracleBlogs ?Global Perspective: ACE Director from EMEA Weighs in on AppAdvantage

clip_image028orclateamsoa ?#orclateamsoa Blog: BPM Auditing Demystified - I've heard from a couple of customers recently asking about BPM aud...

clip_image029AMIS, Oracle & Java ?Cool #soasuite 12c feature managed file transfer - visit Dave Barry at demo point sr212 #oow #soacommunity

clip_image006[3]SOA Community ?Let us know what was best at #OOW @soacommunity save trip home - thanks for coming to #SF ;-) see you at #OOW2014

clip_image031Lonneke Dikmans ?Nice @dschmied is talking about the different steps in his project. He starts with explaining the user interface design #oow13 #ux #acm

clip_image031[1]Lonneke Dikmans ?Saving the best for the end: managing knowledge worker processes by @dschmied and Prasen.#oow13 #acm cool stuff: adaptive case management

clip_image015[1]Luis Augusto Weir ?SOA Governance is more than just OER. Requires people, processes and tools. Check it out #SOA #soacommunity

clip_image031[2]Lonneke Dikmans ?@OracleSOA: #oow Join us for:Enterprise SOA Infrastructure Best Practices Thu 9/26 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Moscone West - 2020

clip_image006[4]SOA Community ?Business Process Management (BPM) 11g PS6 Awareness Course

clip_image032Ajay Khanna ?Detect, Analyze, Act - Fast! via @soacommunity #OracleBPM

clip_image033Simone Geib ?It took a while, but I finally reached 500 followers. Thanks everybody and especially @soacommunity :)

clip_image006[5]SOA Community ?Functional Testing Business Processes In Oracle BPM Suite 11g by Arun Pareek

clip_image006[6]SOA Community Distribute the September edition of the SOA Community newsletter READ it! Didn't receive it register #soacommunity

clip_image006[7]SOA Community ?Detect, Analyze, Act - Fast! by Ajay Khanna

clip_image021[1]Robert van Mölken ?Finalised my #OOW presentation #CON8736 and live demo on wednesday 25th at 11:45am. Also giving a short version at the SOA CAB on thursday.

clip_image013[1]Rajesh Raheja ?"The AppAdvantage of Oracle Cloud & On-premises Integration"

clip_image006[8]SOA Community ?Additional new content SOA & BPM Partner Community

clip_image010[1]Dain Hansen ?Right now #oow13 SOA, BPM - Customer Advisory Boards. 'No tweeting' says @SOASimone. Instagram of funny cats still ok.

clip_image034leonsmiers ?Case Management with Oracle BPM Suite our presentation on #oow13 … #capgemini @nkitson72

clip_image035Mark Simpson ?Flextronics reduced cost of processing an invoice to <$1 from $7 due to BPM @OracleBPM #oow13 saving millions. Way less than industry avg.

clip_image037Holger Mueller ?#Siemens Shared Services CIO says that #Fusion #Middleware made the difference for #Oracle over #Workday. #Integration matters. #OOW13

clip_image038oracleopenworld ?Miss any #oow13 keynotes, or simply want to rewatch? Check out the live streaming site for keynotes on demand:

clip_image006[9]SOA Community ?Analyze your m2m data and act on it! Big data Pattern matching, fast data & soa #soacommunity #oow

clip_image006[10]SOA Community ?Top tweets SOA Partner Community – September 2013

clip_image033[1]Simone Geib ?#oraclesoa hands on lab at #oow13

clip_image008[1]Danilo Schmiedel #oow13 CON8436: Managing Knowledge Worker Processes. Come & get a free Adaptive Case Management poster @soacommunity

clip_image039John Sim ?Great job again Jurgen @soacommunity helping bring Ace Community together!

clip_image008[2]Danilo Schmiedel ?Excellent #OracleBPM Adaptive Case Management intro by @heidibuelowBPM and Prasen at the #oow13 demo ground.Last chance today @soacommunity

clip_image006[11]SOA Community ?Thanks to all our #bpm #soa and #weblogic partners for the great middleware business #oow #soacommunity

clip_image012[1]Whitehorses ?Thanks @soacommunity for the party tonight. Great to meet product management & see all the talented EMEA middleware specialists. #oow13

clip_image008[3]Danilo Schmiedel ?Great tool demo from Link Consulting about managing your SOA with OER #oow13 @soacommunity

clip_image040Torsten Winterberg ?@soacommunity: thanks to @dschmied and @OC_WIRE for making it happen to have our case management poster as printed version hier at #oow13

clip_image001[1]Ronald Luttikhuizen ?These were the architects involved in the diagram excitement :) just after State of SOA podcast with @OTNArchBeat

clip_image006[12]SOA Community ?Tanks to AVIO for the excellent #bpmn poster and the great bpm business - visit then at #OOW & get the poster

clip_image010[2]Dain Hansen ?Kurian introducing Oracle Platform-as-a-Service developments. #oow13 #OracleCloud

clip_image041Bruce Tierney ?API Management "multi-level pie chart" at #oow13 by Oracle's Tim Hall

clip_image010[3]Dain Hansen ?This is not your Daddy's BAM @soacommunity: Is this BAM? Very cool in #soasuite 12c get a demo at sr225

clip_image006[13]SOA Community ?Is this BAM? Very cool in #soasuite 12c get a demo at sr225

clip_image006[14]SOA Community ?SOA governance by @Yogesh_Sontakke at demo point sr214 many good new features - key for soa projects #oow #soa

clip_image006[15]SOA Community ?Cool #soasuite 12c feature managed file transfer - visit Dave Barry at demo point sr212 #oow #soacommunity

clip_image006[16]SOA Community ?Adaptive Case Management demo point at #OOW visit @heidibuelowBPM get a demo and cmmn notation poster #soacommunity

clip_image031[3]Lonneke Dikmans ?In case you missed it: …

clip_image003[1]Lucas Jellema ?SOA Suite news: Cloud Adapters RightNow and SalesForce plus SDK to develop custom cloud adapters (CY13); REST/JSON support in SB/SCA (12c)

clip_image042Oracle SOA ?Cloud Integration and AppAdvantage: Transform your Enterprise #soa #oow13

clip_image010[4]Dain Hansen ?Cloud Integration and AppAdvantage: Transform your Enterprise #soa #oow13

clip_image043Hajo Normann ?#BigData, eventing & real time #analytics suggest timely next actions in #oracleBPM & #oracleACM; #oow13 #FastData

clip_image035[1]Mark Simpson ?OEP CQL engine now used in BAM12c for event stream summary computation with temporal and pattern match features to feed dashboards. #oow13

clip_image035[2]Mark Simpson ?BAM12c virtually a new product. Analytics that senses ahead of time and also compares to historical trends to guide process or case #oow13

clip_image045Andrejus Baranovskis ?Enabling UI Shell 12c/11g Multitasking Behavior

clip_image046Amit Zavery ?Oracle Fusion Middleware Empowers Business Users, EVP Thomas Kurian's session summary #oow13 #oraclemiddle #oracle

clip_image014[1]Vikas Anand ?#oow13 #oracleopenworld BPM on display at Middleware keynote by Thomas Kurian

clip_image006[17]SOA Community ?BPM composer - business user empowerment #oow #soacommunity #bpmsuite

clip_image006[18]SOA Community ?Model your process in BPMN - make is executable and analyze & improve them #oow #soacommunity

clip_image041[1]Bruce Tierney ?@demed and Thomas Kurian talk mobile and cloud at #oow13

clip_image046[1]Amit Zavery ?Thomas Kurian showcasing all the new features of Oracle Fusion Middleware #oraclemiddle #oow13

clip_image006[19]SOA Community ?Demo time cloud adapters in #soasuite at Thomas Kurian keynote. Build and integrate mobile apps in minutes #oow

clip_image006[20]SOA Community ?Soa suite cloud adapters and mobile apps by @demed at Thomas Kurian keynote #oow #oracle #soacommunity

clip_image008[4]Danilo Schmiedel ?First impressions from Oracle Open World 2013 @soacommunity @OC_WIRE

clip_image006[21]SOA Community ?Good morning SFO let us know if you attend #OOW & #OPN keynote - #soacommunity

clip_image024[1]Simon Haslam ?Had a very useful @wlscommunity PAC meeting yesterday... & probably the best swag to date!

clip_image014[2]Vikas Anand ?Oracle SOA Suite - Team Blog

clip_image013[2]Rajesh Raheja ?Introducing new Cloud Connectivity Adapters #soa #demopod #oow13. I'll be there Sep 23 & 24 3-6pm to meetup

clip_image034[1]leonsmiers ?..and again a very successful Oracle SOA/BPM partner council on the eve of #oow13. Thanks Jurgen! @soacommunity

clip_image014[3]Vikas Anand ?#oow13 #soa #oep #exalogic Canon Delivers Fast Data with Oracle Event Processing (Oracle SOA Suite) #soacommunity

clip_image047Rolf Scheuch ?The ACM poster is a big success. Great talks and .... I am soon out of posters! #bpmcon #ACM

clip_image042[1]Oracle SOA ?British Telecom Sucess with Oracle B2B #oow #soa #b2b

clip_image034[2]leonsmiers ?(Oracle) Case Management supporting re-platforming, a pre-read before our presentation at #oow13 … #capgemini #yammer

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