8.5 Released

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Published on Wed, 21 May 2014 00:15:00 GMT Indexed on 2014/05/26 21:27 UTC
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We have released version 8.5 of the vector graphics system. This release supports Visual Studio 2013. Companies who purchased a license after October 1, 2013, are eligible for a free upgrade. We will be sending you an email.

There is one cosmetic problem which wasted our time, as we could not find a work around. It occurs when your display is set to a high DPI. You can see the problem in the image of the toolbox below, which uses a DPI of 125%, on Windows 7:

Visual Studio 2013 High DPI Toolbox Bug

The ToolboxItem class accepts only Bitmaps with a size of 16x16. We tried many sizes and many bitmap formats. As you can see, this tiny Bitmap is then scaled by the toolbox, and the scaling algorithm adds artifacts. This is an "improvement" Microsoft recently added to Visual Studio 2013.

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