How do I turn 'off' a (hosted) domain's web server while leaving email intact?

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I have a web hosting account at HostGator (for a domain registered with GoDaddy), where I would like to only use email, and completely turn off the website/webserver (for that domain), such that it actually gives the following error like any other domain which isn't pointing to anything, so in Firefox it would be:

enter image description here

Or in Chrome it would be:

enter image description here

So I am not looking for just a blank page or server 403 error, but literally for it to act like it doesn't exist and the only way someone would know that the domain is in use, is if they WHOIS search it or know any of the email addresses on the main server.

N.B. the domain is the parent domain in the HostGator account and other websites (which need to still be operational) are under it, but I'm thinking with DNS settings it can still be configured while keeping the one hosting account.

How would I configure this?

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