Don’t be a dinosaur. Use Calendar Tree!

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If one spends long enough in my company one will likely eventually have to listen to me bark on about subscribable calendars. I was banging on about them way back in 2009, I’ve cajoled SQLBits into providing one, provided one myself for the World Cup, and opined that they could be transformative for the delivery of BI. I believe subscribable calendars can change the world but have never been good at elucidating why I thought so, for that reason I always direct people to read a blog by Scott Adams (yes, the guy who draws Dilbert) entitled Calendar as Filter. In that blog post Scott writes:

I think the family calendar is the organizing principle into which all external information should flow. I want the kids' school schedules for sports and plays and even lunch choices to automatically flow into the home calendar.

Everything you do has a time dimension. If you are looking for a new home, the open houses are on certain dates, and certain houses that fit your needs are open at certain times. If you are shopping for some particular good, you often need to know the store hours. Your calendar needs to know your shopping list and preferences so it can suggest good times to do certain things

I think the biggest software revolution of the future is that the calendar will be the organizing filter for most of the information flowing into your life. You think you are bombarded with too much information every day, but in reality it is just the timing of the information that is wrong. Once the calendar becomes the organizing paradigm and filter, it won't seem as if there is so much.

I wholly agree and hence was delighted to discover (via the Hanselminutes podcast) that Scott has a startup called whose raison d’etre is to solve this very problem. What better way to describe a Scott Adams startup than with a Scott Adams comic:


I implore you to check out Calendar Tree and make the world a tiny bit better by using it to share any information that has a time dimension to it. Don’t be a dinosaur, use Calendar tree!


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