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  • How do I break down MySQL query results into categories, each with a specific number of rows?

    - by Mel
    Hello, Problem: I want to list n number of games from each genre (order not important) The following MySQL query resides inside a ColdFusion function. It is meant to list all games under a platform (for example, list all PS3 games; list all Xbox 360 games; etc...). The variable for PlatformID is passed through the URL. I have 9 genres, and I would like to list 10 games from each genre. SELECT games.GameID AS GameID, games.GameReleaseDate AS rDate, titles.TitleName AS tName, titles.TitleShortDescription AS sDesc, genres.GenreName AS gName, platforms.PlatformID, platforms.PlatformName AS pName, platforms.PlatformAbbreviation AS pAbbr FROM (((games join titles on((games.TitleID = titles.TitleID))) join genres on((genres.GenreID = games.GenreID))) join platforms on((platforms.PlatformID = games.PlatformID))) WHERE (games.PlatformID = '#ARGUMENTS.PlatformID#') ORDER BY GenreName ASC, GameReleaseDate DESC Once the query results come back I group them in ColdFusion as follows: <cfoutput query="ListGames" group="gName"> (first loop which lists genres) #ListGames.gName# <cfoutput> (nested loop which lists games) #ListGames.tName# </cfoutput> </cfoutput> The problem is that I only want 10 games from each genre to be listed. If I place a "limit" of 50 in the SQL, I will get ~ 50 games of the same genre (depending on how much games of that genre there are). The second issue is I don't want the overload of querying the database for all games when each person will only look at a few. What is the correct way to do this? Many thanks!

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  • Best way of implementing DropDownList in ASP.NET MVC 2?

    - by Kelsey
    I am trying to understand the best way of implementing a DropDownList in ASP.NET MVC 2 using the DropDownListFor helper. This is a multi-part question. First, what is the best way to pass the list data to the view? Pass the list in your model with a SelectList property that contains the data Pass the list in via ViewData How do I get a blank value in the DropDownList? Should I build it into the SelectList when I am creating it or is there some other means to tell the helper to auto create an empty value? Lastly, if for some reason there is a server side error and I need to redisplay the screen with the DropDownList, do I need to fetch the list values again to pass into the view model? This data is not maintained between posts (at least not when I pass it via my view model) so I was going to just fetch it again (it's cached). Am I going about this correctly?

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  • How Google does disaster recovery

    Will you be ready when disaster strikes? It's an uncomfortable question for many IT administrators, because answering it with confidence usually requires boatloads of money, immense complexity, and...

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  • Google and the Tor Project

    When it comes to code, Google's support has made a big difference to the Tor Project . Providing privacy and helping to circumvent censorship online is a challenge...

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  • YouTube + You

    YouTube is an extremely team-oriented, creative workplace where every single employee has a voice in the choices we make and the features we implement. We work together in...

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  • What is PubSubHubbub?

    What is PubSubHubbub? An overview of pubsubhubbub, a simple, open, web-hook-based pubsub protocol & open source reference implementation. Brett Slatkin and Brad Fitzpatrick demonstrate what pubsubhubbub is and how it works. For more information, visit pubsubhubbub.googlecode.com From: GoogleDevelopers Views: 23753 112 ratings Time: 03:20 More in Science & Technology

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  • YouTube Direct: Getting Started Guide

    YouTube Direct: Getting Started Guide Jeff Posnick narrates a screencast detailing all aspects of getting started with youtube Direct, from required downloads to configuration to deployment. For even more information about youtube Direct, see code.google.com From: GoogleDevelopers Views: 9685 32 ratings Time: 19:58 More in Science & Technology

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  • Google Chrome Extensions: Launch Event (part 6)

    Google Chrome Extensions: Launch Event (part 6) Video Footage from the Google Chrome Extensions launch event on 12/09/09. Nick Baum, product manager for Google Chrome's extension system presents the gallery approval process, gives tips to extensions developers on how to make their extension successful and discusses the team's short term plans. From: GoogleDevelopers Views: 5659 17 ratings Time: 08:42 More in Science & Technology

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  • Google Chrome Extensions: Launch Event (part 5)

    Google Chrome Extensions: Launch Event (part 5) Video Footage from the Google Chrome Extensions launch event on 12/09/09. Xmarks, ebay and Google Translate present their experience developing an extension for Google Chrome. From: GoogleDevelopers Views: 3037 18 ratings Time: 10:30 More in Science & Technology

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