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  • Help setup my .git/config file for Heroku AND my Unfuddle Account

    - by 05WRXSTi
    Ok, I have three different computers that I work from and right now their configurations are all different so I have to push/pull a certain on each and its very bothersome. What I want to do is have ONE config file that I can use for all three that will allow me to do the following: git push unfuddle git pull heroku git push unfuddle git pull heroku And I'm new to git, so I know that maybe I need heroku master or 'heroku origin` or somethign? Here is what my config file looks like right now: [core] repositoryformatversion = 0 filemode = true bare = false logallrefupdates = true [remote "origin"] fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/* url = [email protected]:HEROKU-APP.git [branch "master"] remote = origin merge = refs/heads/master [remote "unfuddle"] fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/* url = [email protected]:UNFUDDLE-APP/UNFUDDLE-APP.git obviously the git urls were changed to protect the innocent. What should I change so that I can easily push and pull to/from both of these repos? Thanks!

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