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  • Why are all logins disabled in the virtual terminal after enabling root account from desktop?

    - by Mitch
    Just for testing purposes, I went a head and enabled the root account, by using the commands below: sudo passwd root [sudo] password for abed: Enter new UNIX password: Retype new UNIX password: passwd: password updated successfully Once that happened, I went ahead and did Ctrl+Alt+F1, to get to the first virtual console, and at the login prompt I try logging in as abed, su, root, all comeback with login incorrect. Why is that happening, and how can I fix it.

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  • about buffer overflow

    - by Abed
    hello guys, I am new to the ethical hacking world, and one of the most important things is the stack overflow, anyway I coded a vulnerable C program which has a char name [400] statement, and when I try to run the program with 401A's it doesn't overflow, but the book which I am following says it must overflow and the logic sense says so, so what's wrong???

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  • can anyone explain this code to me???

    - by Abed
    //shellcode.c char shellcode[] = "\x31\xc0\x31\xdb\xb0\x17\xcd\x80" "\xeb\x1f\x5e\x89\x76\x08\x31\xc0\x88\x46\x07\x89\x46\x0c\xb0\x0b" "\x89\xf3\x8d\x4e\x08\x8d\x56\x0c\xcd\x80\x31\xdb\x89\xd8\x40\xcd" "\x80\xe8\xdc\xff\xff\xff/bin/sh"; int main() { int *ret; //ret pointer for manipulating saved return. ret = (int *)&ret + 2; //setret to point to the saved return //value on the stack. (*ret) = (int)shellcode; //change the saved return value to the //address of the shellcode, so it executes. } can anyone give me a better explanation

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  • About HDD enclosure

    - by kmitnick
    hey guys, how r u doin? I have this 3.5" IDE enclosure, and it works great, I mean I love the idea of enclosures ( not the power feeding thing :), btw can't I just insert a chargable battery to feed the power when I am unable to find an electricity block), anyway my question is, when I finish the usage of the enclosure I safely remove it when using Windows or umount when working with Linux, and after that I got confused whether to turn it off or no? when I turn it off, the HDD suddenly stop spinning as if power failure not as when it was an internal and normally shuted down the pc. So is it ok to turn it off the way I've just said??? regards, ~Abed

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