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  • Selenium RC htmlsuite error with IE

    - by Alina
    I am trying to use Selenium RC but i keep getting this error whenever i start the server. "HTML suite exception seen: java.lang.RuntimeException: sessionId 7643 doesn't exist; perhaps this session w as already stopped?" The command I use is java -jar C:\selenium-remote-control-1.0.3\selenium-server-1.0.3\selenium-server.jar -multiwindow -htmlSuite "*iexplore" "" "C:\TEMP\Selenium Tests\TestSuite1.html" "C:\TEMP\Selenium Tests\results.html" However with the same command if I change *iexplore to *firefox then it works. I need to run the test with IE, please help!Many thanks!!

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  • java unload static fields

    - by Alina Danila
    I have a java class that uses complex static fields which need special operations as close() so that they are safely cleaned by GC. For the initialization of static fields I use the static block. But I don't now how to unload the static field safely, so that I can call the close() method before the field is cleaned up by GC. Is there any way to unload a static field, similar to the static initialization block?

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  • resize image in

    - by alina
    I have this code to resize an image but the image doesn't look so good: public Bitmap ProportionallyResizeBitmap(Bitmap src, int maxWidth, int maxHeight) { // original dimensions int w = src.Width; int h = src.Height; // Longest and shortest dimension int longestDimension = (w > h) ? w : h; int shortestDimension = (w < h) ? w : h; // propotionality float factor = ((float)longestDimension) / shortestDimension; // default width is greater than height double newWidth = maxWidth; double newHeight = maxWidth / factor; // if height greater than width recalculate if (w < h) { newWidth = maxHeight / factor; newHeight = maxHeight; } // Create new Bitmap at new dimensions Bitmap result = new Bitmap((int)newWidth, (int)newHeight); using (Graphics g = Graphics.FromImage((System.Drawing.Image)result)) g.DrawImage(src, 0, 0, (int)newWidth, (int)newHeight); return result; }

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