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  • php - correct search expression for bbpress

    - by billn
    I have a very purdy styled search box in my wordpress install, and looking for continuity I want the same for my bbpress forum - currently I'm failing. For WP I have: <div id="search"> <form action="<?php bloginfo('home') ?>" method="get"> <div class="hiddenFields"></div> <p><input name="s" id="s" maxlength="100" size="18" /><input class="submit" id="submit-button" type="submit" value="submit" /></p></form> </div> For bbPress The form 'method="get"' gets kicked out and of-course I need another expression. bbpress generally seems to use: <div class="search"><?php search_form(); ?></div> This wrecks everything - I get no styling attributes at all other than position... I can make it look fine (and consistent) with by removing the - but then it's obviously just a dummy with no search - any ideas to fix the latter? Thanks <div id="search"> <div class="hiddenFields"></div> <p><input name="s" id="s" maxlength="100" size="18" /><input class="submit" id="submit-button" type="submit" value="submit" /></p> </div>

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  • bbPress - Login/Register bridge

    - by poru
    Hello, I really need to login to my bbPress forum with my seperate web application, but for that I need to know how the password in the database is encrypted. I already tried to include the functions from "" etc. but that's a mess and don't work. So I need wheter a API/Bridge or how the password is encrypted.

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  • Buddypress with bbpress: Showing latest topics on front page

    - by MadsMadsDk
    I'm doing a wordpress solution with BuddyPress and bbPress, where I need to display the five newest topics on the homepage, as if it was blog-entries, but it seems kind of hard to accomplish. I'm figuring I gotta do something with the activity stream, but it seems like the stream is based on the user who is currently logged in, which is not what I want. So what should I do? Use a nifty plugin that does the trick (maybe someone knows a plugin I don't know of, as I've already tried the bbPress Latest Discussion plugin) Hardcode a forum-activity loop into the page-template file, using the is_front_page() function? Is there a forum-activity hook, that display the latest forum topics sitewide? Thanks in advance

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  • bbPress Loop help

    - by Cameron
    Hi I have the following code: <?php if ( bb_forums() ) : ?> <?php while ( bb_forum() ) : ?> <div class="box"> <?php if (bb_get_forum_is_category()) : ?> <h3><a href="<?php forum_link(); ?>"><?php forum_name(); ?></a></h3> <?php continue; endif; ?> <ol> <li class="arrow f_unread"> <a href="<?php forum_link(); ?>"> <strong><?php forum_name(); ?></strong><br /> <?php forum_topics(); ?> Topics / <?php forum_posts(); ?> Replies </a> </li> </ol> </div> <?php endwhile; ?> <?php endif; // bb_forums() ?> Struggling to get it to work how I want which is basically like this: for each category do this: <div class="box"> <h3>CAT</h3> <ol> <li>Forum</li> <li>Forum</li> </ol> </div> so that div should be repeated for each block. if a set of forums has not category, then all of the code would be above would run but just no h3. can anyone help thanks.

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  • Show only Parent Forums on bbPress front page

    - by Cameron
    I want to show only the very top level forums on my front page. I have tried: <?php if ( bb_forums("depth=1") ) : ?> But that didn't work and all the forums still show up. I only want to show the very top level, so for example if I have the following forums: Main - Sub Forum 1 - Sub Forum 2 --- Sub Forum 2.1 --- Sub Forum 2.1 - Sub Forum 3 Community - Sub Forum 1 - Sub Forum 2 --- Sub Forum 2.1 --- Sub Forum 2.1 - Sub Forum 3 Only Main and Community would appear on the home page. I would seem I need to create a custom loop on the front page that will only show the very top level forums, but I need some help. Thanks.

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  • Integration of WordPress With WordPress bbPress

    bbPress is a powerful and fully featured forum software that can be integrated with blogging tools like WordPress. A first glance at the software, gives the impression that it is simple and devoid of any complicated structure, but one has to use it in order, to believe that it is a very powerful tool.

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  • Why do I have to unserialize this serialized value twice? (wordpress/bbpress maybe_serialize)

    - by 55skidoo
    What am I doing wrong here? I'm serializing a value, storing it in a database (table bb_meta), retrieving it... OK so far... but then I have to unserialize it twice. Shouldn't I be able to just unserialize once? This seems to work, but I'm wondering what point about serialization I'm missing here. //check database to see if user has ever visited before. $querystring = $bbdb->prepare( "SELECT `meta_value` FROM `$bbdb->meta` WHERE `object_type` = %s AND `object_id` = %s AND `meta_key` = %s LIMIT 1", $bbtype, $bb_this_thread, $bbuser ); $bb_last_visits = $bbdb->get_row($querystring, OBJECT); //if $bb_last_visits is empty, add time() as the metavalue using bb_update_meta if (empty($bb_last_visits)) { $first_visit = time(); echo 'serialized first visit: ' . $bb_this_visit_time_serialized = serialize(array($bb_this_thread => $first_visit)); bb_update_meta( $bb_this_thread, $bbuser, $bb_this_visit_time_serialized, $bbtype ); //add to database, bb_meta table echo '$bb_last_visits was empty. Setting first visit time as ' . $bb_this_visit_time_serialized . '<br>'; } else { //else, test by unserializing the data for use. echo 'last visit time already set: '; echo $bb_last_visits->meta_value; echo '<br>'; //fatal error - echo 'unserialized: ' . $bb_last_visits_unserialized = unserialize($bb_last_visits[0]->meta_value); echo '<br>'; echo 'unserialize: ' . $unserialized_visits = unserialize($bb_last_visits->meta_value); echo '<br>'; echo 'hmm, need to unserialize again??: '; echo $unserialized_unserialized_visits = unserialize($unserialized_visits); echo '<br>'; echo 'hey look, it\'s an array value I can finally use now. phew: ' . $unserialized_unserialized_visits[$bb_this_thread]; }

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  • Q&A platform like StackExchange's sites? [closed]

    - by Sirko
    Possible Duplicate: Is there a free, open-source question and answer (Q&A) application similar to StackExchange? I need a Q&A platform like StackExchange's sites for lawyers and for free legal questions/answers. So, it must be simple, fast, convenient, with an attractive look. Regular forum's platforms don't suit these characteristics. I found, that bbPress ( isn't bad for this purpose. Is there anything else good for my task? I would be very thankful for helping!

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  • Any recommended forum software for commercial/busniess discussion

    - by Nick
    I am looking to create a commercial or business trading discussion board. I plan to get a forum software to install to my hosting. My main concern is the security, as I need to ensure the discussion info is shared safely among the board members only, not lack to outsiders. Cost whether Free/Paid is fine with me. Feature: Account management, Theme of forum is customizable On my mind, I have phpBB, Simple machines, bbPress but I am not sure which will fill my need. Thus, please advise what forum software will be the best choice and recommended. Thank you

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  • How to setup Wordpress High Availability

    - by Ketam
    I have installed Galera Cluster on 3 cluster + 1 management. I wanted to make it like this, Server1: Home ( Server2: For BBpress/Forum (Forum Tab Menu will forward to Server3: BuddyPress Activity (Social Tab Menu will forward to The purpose I am doing this is to distribute my resource and load balancing each other at same time. However, I have difficulty to setup Apache Load-Balancing/mod_proxy/clustering or any suitable to have high availability WordPress. Any best suggestion/solution to make high availability WordPress? Or how to? And another question is I tried to copy whole WordPress files & folders to Server2 connecting to local database (same data inside since it is already on Galera Cluster) but the page blank. Any advice? OS: Centos 6.2 Thanks in advanced.

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  • Code to plug into a Zend Framework project

    - by bluedaniel
    Hello everyone, Im currently working on a website in the Zend Framework and finding it very useful indeed. I want both a blog and a forum in this website and wondered if there are any open-source projects of this nature that I would be able to simply copy and paste into my modular project. I was using Wordpress and BBpress previously so something like that would be good, although I do not want to hack my Zend Auth to use the Wordpress authentication system, seems like too much hard work/hacky to do. So any ideas? Plus where are the best Zend framework 'plugins' (similar to wordpress)? Thanks everyone.

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  • How can I tell which page is creating a high-CPU-load httpd process?

    - by Greg
    I have a LAMP server (CentOS-based MediaTemple (DV) Extreme with 2GB RAM) running a customized Wordpress+bbPress combination . At about 30k pageviews per day the server is starting to groan. It stumbled earlier today for about 5 minutes when there was an influx of traffic. Even under normal conditions I can see that the virtual server is sometimes at 90%+ CPU load. Using Top I can often see 5-7 httpd processes that are each using 15-30% (and sometimes even 50%) CPU. Before we do a big optimization pass (our use of MySQL is probably the culprit) I would love to find the pages that are the main offenders and deal with them first. Is there a way that I can find out which specific requests were responsible for the most CPU-hungry httpd processes? I have found a lot of info on optimization in general, but nothing on this specific question. Secondly, I know there are a million variables, but if you have any insight on whether we should be at the boundaries of performance with a single dedicated virtual server with a site of this size, then I would love to hear your opinion. Should we be thinking about moving to a more powerful server, or should we be focused on optimization on the current server?

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