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  • Has "Killer Game Programming in Java" by Andrew Davison been rendered useless? What new tutorial should I follow? [duplicate]

    - by BDillan
    This question already has an answer here: Killer Game Programming [Java 3D] outdated? 5 answers Its pathetic how it was created in 2005 not so long ago when the Java 3D 1.31 API was released. Now after downloading the source code off the books website and implementing it onto my work-space it cant run. (The 3D Shooter Ch. 23) I downloaded Java 3D 1.5 API, installed it- went back to my source code and ect.., and EVERY imported class within the game simply couldn't be resolved... they are all outdated.. Please do not say how its meant for a positive curvature in your game development skills. No ~ I got the book to understand how to code 3D textures/particle systems/games. Without seeing results how can I learn? If there is still hope for this book please tell me. Otherwise what other books match this one in Game Programming? This one was very well organized, documented and long. I am not looking for a 3D game prog. book on Java. Rather one that has the same reputation as this one but is a bit newer..

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