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  • Screen Capture Under Win7 of JOGL Applet

    - by binarybug
    Hi I'm trying to take a screen shot of an applet running inside a browser. The applet is using JOGL (OpenGL for Java) to display 3D models. (1) The screen shots always come out either black or white.The current solution uses the usual GDI calls. Screen shots of applets not running OpenGL are fine. A few examples of JOGL apps can be found here (2) Another thing I'm trying to achieve is to get the scrollable area inside the screen shot as well. I found this code on the internet which works fine except for the 2 issues mentioned above. import win32gui as wg import win32ui as wu import win32con def copyBitMap(hWnd, fname): wg.SetForegroundWindow(hWnd) cWnd = wu.CreateWindowFromHandle(hWnd) rect = cWnd.GetClientRect() (x,y) = (rect[2] - rect[0], rect[3] - rect[1]) hsrccDc = wg.GetDC(hWnd) hdestcDc = wg.CreateCompatibleDC(hsrccDc) hdestcBm = wg.CreateCompatibleBitmap(hsrccDc, x, y) wg.SelectObject(hdestcDc, hdestcBm.handle) wg.BitBlt(hdestcDc, 0, 0, x, y, hsrccDc, rect[0], rect[1], win32con.SRCCOPY) destcDc = wu.CreateDCFromHandle(hdestcDc) bmp = wu.CreateBitmapFromHandle(hdestcBm.handle) bmp.SaveBitmapFile(destcDc, fname)

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