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  • Make Language change specific to window/app not whole system (Windows 8.1)

    - by Boppity Bop
    I have Windows 8.1 Pro English. Sometime I need to use another languages (I did not install any language packs and my locale is English). So I have a few keyboards enabled. However in W7 when I switch keyboard it stays in the window I switched it.. and other windows have English at the same time... In windows 8.1 if I switch keyboard it changes everywhere. is there an option to keep different keyboards in different windows / apps ?

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  • SQL 2008. I have user in a db which has no login on the server. How is it possible?

    - by Boppity Bop
    I am talking about windows authentication. I dont have access to the server adming rights but a dbadmin sent me screenshot where my user is not in the logins of the server. and also there is only one windows group called admin - databases which I am 100% sure my guy cannot be part of it. BUT... his username is in users of my db... How come user can appear in a db not having login on the server? P.S. in the logs it prints: Login failed for user 'xxxx'. Reason: Token-based server access validation failed with an infrastructure error. Check for previous errors

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  • Simulating an identity column within an insert trigger

    - by William Jens
    I have a table for logging that needs a log ID but I can't use an identity column because the log ID is part of a combo key. create table StuffLogs { StuffID int LogID int Note varchar(255) } There is a combo key for StuffID & LogID. I want to build an insert trigger that computes the next LogID when inserting log records. I can do it for one record at a time (see below to see how LogID is computed), but that's not really effective, and I'm hoping there's a way to do this without cursors. select @NextLogID = isnull(max(LogID),0)+1 from StuffLogs where StuffID = (select StuffID from inserted) The net result should allow me to insert any number of records into StuffLogs with the LogID column auto computed. StuffID LogID Note 123 1 foo 123 2 bar 456 1 boo 789 1 hoo Inserting another record using StuffID: 123, Note: bop will result in the following record: StuffID LogID Note 123 3 bop

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  • Backup tape compression

    - by pufferfish
    What things should I check to confirm that compression is actually happening on our tape backup system? Although the tapes are marked as 200G/520G (native/compressed) capacity, they seem to fill up before the 200G mark (some less than 100G). I'm using - Sony AIT-4 tape autochanger - Sony SDX4-200C (AIT-4) tapes - Ubuntu Lucid - Bacula I've tried checking hardware compression with: tapeinfo -f /dev/nst0, which gives Product Type: Tape Drive Vendor ID: 'SONY ' Product ID: 'SDX-900V ' Revision: '0102' Attached Changer API: No SerialNumber: '0001000036' MinBlock: 2 MaxBlock: 8388608 SCSI ID: 1 SCSI LUN: 0 Ready: yes BufferedMode: yes Medium Type: Not Loaded Density Code: 0x33 BlockSize: 0 DataCompEnabled: yes DataCompCapable: yes DataDeCompEnabled: yes CompType: 0x3 DeCompType: 0x3 BOP: yes Block Position: 0 Partition 0 Remaining Kbytes: 201778000 Partition 0 Size in Kbytes: 201779000 ActivePartition: 0 EarlyWarningSize: 0 NumPartitions: 0 MaxPartitions: 0 ... so I presume it's on. Notes: The Bacula documentation says hardware compression needs to be enable with "system tools such as mt"

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