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  • Remote SCCM deployment of Operating Systems

    - by Decad
    I am currently using sccm 2007 for our software deployment and PXE. During this summer I have been tasked with upgrading 2000+ machines from Windows XP to Windows 7. My plan is to use sccm to advertise the Windows 7 task sequence to the machines. However my question is, what is the best way to automate the deployment? Can I make SCCM turn a machine on and make it run an advertised task sequence without having to be in the same room as the machines?

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  • I need a webpage to host my javascript!

    - by Amir Reza
    Does anyone know a website that hosts javascripts on their page? I have a research project that needs to collect some RTT from all over the world and compare them together. I have written the javascript code for that but I do not have a high hit rate website to put it on to collect data. I know it is a little bit odd question to ask, but do you know any website or any trick that can help me? Note that the script would not do any harm to anybody! :-) Thanks, Decad is right, I basically need some people to put my script on their "high-hit rate" website ... so I can collect data from large number of clients... Of coarse, the script is run on the background with no harm to the page. It basically measures some RTT and submit it to a server. I already have some pages, but they barely got a hit from outside! Thanks,

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