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  • Best practice in setting return value (use else or?)

    - by Deckard
    Whenever you want to return a value from a method, but whatever you return depends on some other value, you typically use branching: int calculateSomething() { if (a == b) { return x; } else { return y; } } Another way to write this is: int calculateSomething() { if (a == b) { return x; } return y; } Is there any reason to avoid one or the other? Both allow adding "else if"-clauses without problems. Both typically generate compiler errors if you add anything at the bottom. Note: I couldn't find any duplicates, although multiple questions exist about whether the accompanying curly braces should be on their own line. So let's not get into that.

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  • Diablo 3 "freezes" periodically

    - by Shauna
    I'm running Diablo 3 (start edition, digital download) on the following: Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit (stock Unity, Gnome, etc; kernel version 3.2.0-29-generic) Wine version 1.5.11 (base, from Wine's PPA, game started with setarch i386 -3) Intel i7 920 CPU nVidia GTX260 with driver version 295.49 ("post-release updates" entry within the proprietary drivers tool), dual monitors 6GB RAM Every so often (and what appears to be at random), the game video will freeze up. I can still move the mouse, and it reacts to ctrl+alt+f2 to drop into text mode, but I can't get back to the desktop (which means I can check terminal to see what's going on after launching from terminal, especially since even in windowed mode, the secondary screen gets shut off by the game), and I can't continue to play the game. In order to get it running again, I have to restart lightdm, then relaunch the game (or, in a couple of rare cases, I had to restart the computer entirely, because running sudo service lightdmn [stop/start] doesn't appear to react). Turning down the video settings seems to have helped in some cases, but not all of them. Times it's frozen on me: The beginning of The Fallen Start quest part 6 - kill the Wretched Mother, right as you walk out of New Tristram and engage in the monsters on the northern path (repeatedly froze here until I adjusted the graphics down) Within the cinematic/event upon finding Deckard Cain While fighting the skeletons to protect Deckard Cain When about to enter Leoric's passage after Cain sends you back to where you found him That's as far as I've gotten through the game so far. Additionally, this doesn't happen on other games I play and seems to only occur with Diablo 3. Has anyone else run into this issue and know a possible cause or fix, or at least know where I can look (and what to look for) to figure out why this is happening?

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  • Need help with artificial neural network

    - by deckard cain
    I have an input data for neural network that consists of 2 vectors with 200 elements, that i got from some program for generating signals. So it is actually 2x200 input to my nnet. As target data, i have one 1x200 vector that i also got from the same program. That is my training data set. I gather as much of those sets as i want so i transfer them to matlab and save them as, for example, set1, set2,.... When i am creating neural net, using newfit function (backropagation algorithm and everyhting else is set by default because i am kind of unexperianced with neural nets so i will have to experiment) i'm creating it using set1 only for example. Then, when i am to train neural net i train it for set1 then load set2 and train for it and so on. so its like this function net = create_fit_net(inputs,targets) numHiddenNeurons = 20; net = newfit(inputs,targets,numHiddenNeurons); net=train(net,inputs,targets); load set2; net=train(net,inputs,targets); load set3; net=train(net,inputs,targets); load set4; net=train(net,inputs,targets); i am using 4 sets of data here and all sets have variables of same name and size. My quesion is, am i doing this the right way, because, when doing simulation in some other m file, i am getting bad results, and every time i get different results. Does it matter if i create network with one set and then train with others too, and does it matter what set do i use to train network 1st? Also, i am confused about the amount of neurons to use (im using in the example 20 but actually i tried 1, 10, 30, 50, 100 200 and even 300 and i get nothing). If you have any suggestions, i'd be glad to take them into consideration. Any help is welcome. thanks in advance

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