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  • Free Google Docs alternative compatible with Opera

    - by f4k3
    Well gDocs isn't working ok, too many bugs and it's pretty slow (especially when saving documents). I have tried several alternatives: - Zoho - they say it's not compatible with Opera and it;s true - you even can't CTRL+V text - Buzzword - it's really slow, and some functions don't work properly (on all browsers) for example "increase indent" increases a random text indent - Etherpad - was taken over by google and is shut down - Peepel - it's a cool thing, almost a free virtual desktop in a browser but it's buggy - a saved a document, tried to open it end an error occured. the document was lost - OpenGoo - went commercial At the moment I'm testing ThinkFree Online - it'a a bit slow (Java :P) and some minor things don't work (like drag a toolbar) but it has cool functionalities (almost like OpenOffice! which I use at home), it actually works with opera (create, save, edit document). Maybe I'll try Scribd but is it a office/share platform? any other worth trying??

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