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  • In Firefox 2, usage of overflow:hidden makes other divs overlap current div

    - by Shankar
    Hi, When I use overflow:hidden for div which is positioned absolute (for menu), other div overlaps. Here is the code. It works fine in FF3. Any help appreciated. Please note that html should be as it is. Also if you can provide solution, just by changing styles of menu div (the div which contains menu text) it is more helpful for me. Thanks in advance Here is the code: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <html> <head> <title>Title of the document</title> </head> <body> <div style="position:relative"> <div> <div style="height:20px;overflow:hidden"> <div style="position:absolute;width:200px;height:100px;top:0px;background-color:black;z-index:1">menu</div> </div> </div> <div style="position:relative;height:200px;background-color:gray;"></div> </div> </body> </html>

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  • How to get UTF-8 working in java webapps?

    - by kosoant
    I need to get UTF-8 working in my Java webapp (servlets + JSP, no framework used) to support äöå etc. for regular Finnish text and Cyrillic alphabets like ??? for special cases. My setup is the following: Development encironment: Windows XP Production encironment: Debian Database used: MySQL 5.x Users mainly use Firefox2 but also Opera 9.x, FF3, IE7 and Google Chrome are used to access the site. How to achieve this?

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  • How to delete images from memory in a browser

    - by trefeater
    Hi all. Is it possible to delete some images from the browser (firefox2) memory using javascript? By doing this, I want to save some precious browser memory and let my web app to work better. I guess that if possible, it will be something like this: delete (document.images[7]); document.images[7].src = null; document.images[7] = null; Thanks guys!

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  • How can web form content be preserved for the back button

    - by Peter Howe
    When a web form is submitted and takes the user to another page, it is quite often the case that the user will click the Back button in order to submit the form again (the form is an advanced search in my case.) How can I reliably preserve the form options selected by the user when they click Back (so they don't have to start from scratch with filling the form in again if they are only changing one of many form elements?) Do I have to go down the route of storing the form options in session data (cookies or server-side) or is there a way to get the browser to handle this for me? (Environment is PHP/JavaScript - and the site must work on IE6+ and Firefox2+)

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  • Exception thrown in YUI: "Sizzle" is not defined!

    - by nanobyt3
    Hi, We are using HTML Unit v2.6 with Web-Harvest and extended its functionality to create a new element <web session="sess1" browser="firefox2"> <web-getpage url=""/> <web-setinput name="uname">username</web-setinput> <web-setinput name="pwd">password</web-setinput> <web-clickinput name="login"/> </web> When we run this we get an exception while the element loads the URL specified. The details are as below: Caused by: net.sourceforge.htmlunit.corejs.javascript.EcmaError: TypeError: Cannot find function hasOwnProperty in object net.sourceforge.htmlunit.corejs.javascript.EcmaError: ReferenceError: "Sizzle" is not defined. at net.sourceforge.htmlunit.corejs.javascript.ScriptRuntime.constructError( at net.sourceforge.htmlunit.corejs.javascript.ScriptRuntime.constructError( at net.sourceforge.htmlunit.corejs.javascript.ScriptRuntime.typeError( at net.sourceforge.htmlunit.corejs.javascript.ScriptRuntime.typeError2( at net.sourceforge.htmlunit.corejs.javascript.ScriptRuntime.notFunctionError( at net.sourceforge.htmlunit.corejs.javascript.ScriptRuntime.getPropFunctionAndThisHelper( at net.sourceforge.htmlunit.corejs.javascript.ScriptRuntime.getPropFunctionAndThis( at net.sourceforge.htmlunit.corejs.javascript.Interpreter.interpretLoop( at net.sourceforge.htmlunit.corejs.javascript.Interpreter.interpret( at at net.sourceforge.htmlunit.corejs.javascript.ContextFactory.doTopCall( at com.gargoylesoftware.htmlunit.javascript.HtmlUnitContextFactory.doTopCall( at net.sourceforge.htmlunit.corejs.javascript.ScriptRuntime.doTopCall( at net.sourceforge.htmlunit.corejs.javascript.InterpretedFunction.exec( at com.gargoylesoftware.htmlunit.javascript.JavaScriptEngine$5.doRun( at com.gargoylesoftware.htmlunit.javascript.JavaScriptEngine$ ... 42 more As it appears that 'Sizzle' (present in YUI3) is causing this. We then checked the same in Firefox and IE but neither of the browsers showed any error of 'Sizzle' not being defined. Also we tried to use latest snapshot of htmlunit, but had same issue. Is this a limitation(bug) of HTML Unit JavaScript engine? OR Is there anyway to configure HTML Unit to handle this exception? If anyone has already had such an issue, please do let us know. Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance !

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