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  • Cannot change the target CPU to x86 Or x64 in Visual Studio 2005

    - by geekzilla
    I am trying to build a website application and specify the target CPU as x86 instead of Any CPU. The only choices I have in Configuration Manager under the "Active solution platform:" drop-down list are: "Any CPU", "Edit..", and "New...". In the "Project Contexts" portion of the "Configuration Manager" window, it lists 3 columns: "Project", "Configuration" and "Platform". Under the "Platform" column, my only choice is ".Net". when the "Active solution configuration" is set to, "Debug". When the, ""Active solution configuration" is set to "Release", then I can choose either, ".Net" or "Any CPU" under the "Platform" column. I am using Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition. This website was previously built using Visual Studio .NET and was recently upgraded using the Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition Upgrade Wizard. I need to target x86 specifically because the are components used in the project that are only x86 compatible.

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