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  • Cheap, Awesome, Programmer-friendly City in Europe for 1 year Study Hiatus?

    - by Gonjasufi
    Next year I'll be 21. I'll have 3 years of professional experience under my belt (with a one year break as a soldier). I'm planning to take 2 to 3 years off. Instead of going to a university I'm planning to work on personal projects and learn on my own. I'm looking for suggestions of great, cheap, programmer-friendly (e.g. lots of cafes, ordered food, parks, blazing fast internet connection, wifi, lots of people that speak English) cities around the world, (and specifically in Europe as I also have european citizenship). If you can supply with an estimate cost of living for that city, or a site for comparisons that will also be great. edit: I'm living in Tel Aviv, ~20 highest cost of living city in the world, so statistically speaking almost all the cities are cheaper.

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