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  • Writing to a specific line of a file.

    - by helpmeh
    I have a .dat file with data like this in "James","Project5","15/05/2010","3" "Matt","Project1","01/05/2010","5" "Ellie","Project5","24/04/2010","1" "Ellie","Project2","10/05/2010","3" "Matt","Project3","03/05/2010","4" It gets written in with thise code. Private Sub Command2_Click() Open jobs For Append As #1 Write #1, Combo1, Combo3, Combo2, Text3 Close #1 End Sub I instead would like to write it to the file so that if a persons name is already in the file then it would just put the data in the file, under their that is already there but without the name. I can't figure out how to do this but this is what I would like it to end up like. "James","Project5","15/05/2010","3" "Matt","Project1","01/05/2010","5" "Ellie","Project5","24/04/2010","1" "Project2","10/05/2010","3" "Matt","Project3","03/05/2010","4" Any help would be fantastic!

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