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  • how to cause linux system datetime to run faster than real world datetime?

    - by JamesThomasMoon1979
    Background I want to monitor a running linux system over several days. It's a custom gentoo build and with much custom software on board. This software has ongoing maintenance timers and cron scripts and other clock driven events. I need to verify these scheduled events are working. Problem Waiting for the system to step through daily and weekly activity is a long wait time. And modifying all clock-based timers on the system would be time consuming. Yet, I often want to test a system's end-to-end scheduled activities without waiting a week. Potential Solution Have the linux system under test appear to run through it's daily cycle of activity within just a few hours. My Question for Serverfault Is there a way to cause the system's time to run faster than real world time? My first thought is manipulating the ntp daemon to repeatedly and smoothly increment the clock . Any other ideas? And yes, I know this may have strange side affects. However, the system has no important or time critical interactions with systems outside of itself. And this may be a valuable testing technique.

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