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  • What's the next tech bubble? [closed]

    - by jayd3e
    Today I read one of Jeff Atwood's newest blog posts entitle "Lived Fast, Died Young, Left a Tired Corpse." In the second paragraph, he mentions that: There's plenty of evidence that we're entering another tech bubble. It's just less visible to people outside the tech industry because there's no corresponding stock market IPO frenzy. Yet. I was just curious if anyone has some solid ideas as to what this next tech bubble could be?

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  • How do large sites accomplish row-level permissions?

    - by JayD3e
    So I am making a small site using cakephp, and my ACL is set up so that every time a piece of content is created, an ACL rule is created to link the owner of the piece of content to the actual content. This allows each owner to edit/delete their own content. This method just seems so inefficient, because there is an equivalent amount of ACL rules as content in the database. I was curious, how do big sites, with millions of pieces of content, solve this problem?

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