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  • Server Side Developer Prerequisites

    - by Jking
    I am new to server side development and am currently learning node.js. What sort of networking information should I be familiar with to allow for a smooth learning curve with server side development. Could anyone provide resources pertaining to the information required to get into server programming? To give you a better idea of my standpoint: I do not know how a server interacts with a database [Q: How does a NoSQL database, or database in general, communicate with a server?] I am unsure of how a web stack works [Q: I have heard of LAMP but do not know how Apache, MySQL, and PHP interact. Hopefully this applies to other stacks as well. How do the components of a stack work together? Also, is a MEAN stack an alternative, or is it completely irrelevant to this] I have trivial knowledge of internet protocol [however extremely inefficient][Q: What resources are beneficial when learning about networking, and how much/what knowledge should I acquire to program on the server side] I am unsure of what I am unsure of concerning networking information necessary to start development Information on how the client-server model works would be greatly appreciated

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