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  • Vista failing to load after apparently being repaired

    - by Joomaz
    Hi, I apologise if I'm a litre vague and can give more info if needed. My vista machine has been working fine until today when I tried booting it. Vista loads showing the loading bar then goes to a black screen with the cursor on which you can move. It then remains like this for several minutes, during this time the computer doesn't sound like it's doing much, it is relatively quiet. Finally the welcome screen appears. It stays on this for several minutes again and the computer reboots. This keeps happening and the machine fails to load in safe mode - the same happens. I booted the pc with the vista disk in and ran repair your computer and used the system repair. It took about 20 minutes saying it was repairing damaged giles. I booted the pc again and the same happened. I loaded the pc with yeh vista disk again and chose repair my computer again. System repair seemed to run automatically this time and agian it did the same. I rebooted and the problem persisted. I then tried system restore to a few days ago. After half a hour as it finished it said it failed due to a portion being corrupt. I am really not sure what to do now. Any advice appreciated!

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