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  • Windows 7 and Ubuntu Boot/Corruption Problems

    - by Kiraisuki
    I searched around, but I couldn't find the answer to why Windows 7 Ultimate 64x and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64x could'nt live together happily on my Asus G1s-X1 laptop. I had Windows 7 Ultimate 64x installed on the laptop when I bought it (bought it used, it comes with Vista new) and I wanted to try out Ubuntu and see what all the hype about the free OS was. I installed Ubuntu on an external 80GB iomega HDD with Windows 7 on my main drive. They both work fine for about 2-3 weeks, until Ubuntu suddenly is unable to boot. A few days after Ubuntu fails, Windows corrupts majorly (winload.exe, ntkrnlpa.exe, and various others corrupt randomly) and Windows Recovery Environment is completely useless. Booting to a live USB with Ubuntu and trying to reinstall it fails, and trying to wipe the main drive and install it there fails as well (something about my graphics card.) I managed to get Windows 7 Ultimate 64x back up and running (after many disk formats) but now I am left with a broken (and invisible) Ubuntu installation on the external drive. Is there any way to get the broken and non-bootable Ubuntu installation off the HDD without damaging or erasing the many files and programs installed and stored on the 80GB drive?

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