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  • How do I deselect grid row when grouping in David Poll's silverlight CollectionPrinter

    - by kpg
    I'm using David Poll's CollectionPrinter and modifications by Fama to perform grouping. I'm using the control to print a datagrid with grouping and it works well if not a little slow. Problem: When the grid is displayed the first row of the grid is selected and the first cell of the row is also selected. I want to either deselect the row or change the datagrid template to make selected rows/cells appear as not selected. I tried to specify a grid template to change the row/cell selection appearance but when I added the default template I got a COM error of all things - anyway I concluded that what I was doing was not compatible with the SLab libraries, or perhaps because the grid was specified in a datatemplate. In any case I abandoned that approach. Since I have the SLab source if I understood it more there may be a way to deselect the row after from that side of things - but I know the SLaB CommectionPrinter does not rely on the data template to be a grid, so I'm not sure how to modify the code to accomplish what I want. Question: How can I prevent the row from being selected or deselect it once it is or change the appearance of the selectd row when using the CollectionPrinter with grouping? Note that the row selection problem may occur without grouping as well, I don;t know, but it definatly does with grouping.

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  • Encrypted AES key too large to Decrypt with RSA (Java)

    - by Petey B
    Hello, I am trying to make a program that Encrypts data using AES, then encrypts the AES key with RSA, and then decrypt. However, once i encrypt the AES key it comes out to 128 bytes. RSA will only allow me to decrypt 117 bytes or less, so when i go to decrypt the AES key it throws an error. Relavent code: KeyPairGenerator kpg = KeyPairGenerator.getInstance("RSA"); kpg.initialize(1024); KeyPair kpa = kpg.genKeyPair(); pubKey = kpa.getPublic(); privKey = kpa.getPrivate(); updateText("Private Key: " +privKey +"\n\nPublic Key: " +pubKey); updateText("Encrypting " +infile); //Genereate aes key KeyGenerator kgen = KeyGenerator.getInstance("AES"); kgen.init(128); // 192/256 SecretKey aeskey = kgen.generateKey(); byte[] raw = aeskey.getEncoded(); SecretKeySpec skeySpec = new SecretKeySpec(raw, "AES"); updateText("Encrypting data with AES"); //encrypt data with AES key Cipher aesCipher = Cipher.getInstance("AES"); aesCipher.init(Cipher.ENCRYPT_MODE, skeySpec); SealedObject aesEncryptedData = new SealedObject(infile, aesCipher); updateText("Encrypting AES key with RSA"); //encrypt AES key with RSA Cipher cipher = Cipher.getInstance("RSA"); cipher.init(Cipher.ENCRYPT_MODE, pubKey); byte[] encryptedAesKey = cipher.doFinal(raw); updateText("Decrypting AES key with RSA. Encrypted AES key length: " +encryptedAesKey.length); //decrypt AES key with RSA Cipher decipher = Cipher.getInstance("RSA"); decipher.init(Cipher.DECRYPT_MODE, privKey); byte[] decryptedRaw = cipher.doFinal(encryptedAesKey); //error thrown here because encryptedAesKey is 128 bytes SecretKeySpec decryptedSecKey = new SecretKeySpec(decryptedRaw, "AES"); updateText("Decrypting data with AES"); //decrypt data with AES key Cipher decipherAES = Cipher.getInstance("AES"); decipherAES.init(Cipher.DECRYPT_MODE, decryptedSecKey); String decryptedText = (String) aesEncryptedData.getObject(decipherAES); updateText("Decrypted Text: " +decryptedText); Any idea on how to get around this?

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  • RSA public key exportation

    - by user308806
    Dear all, Here is my code KeyPairGenerator kpg = KeyPairGenerator.getInstance("RSA"); KeyPair myPair = kpg.generateKeyPair(); PrivateKey k = myPair.getPrivate(); System.out.print(k.serialVersionUID); Cipher c = Cipher.getInstance("RSA"); c.init(Cipher.ENCRYPT_MODE, myPair.getPublic()); String myMessage = new String("Testing the message"); byte[] bytes = c.doFinal(myMessage.getBytes()); String tt = new String(bytes); System.out.println(tt); Cipher d = Cipher.getInstance("RSA"); d.init(Cipher.DECRYPT_MODE, myPair.getPrivate()); byte[] temp = d.doFinal(bytes); String tst = new String(temp); System.out.println(tst); My question is how can i get the public key and stored elsewhere

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