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  • using pf for packet filtering and ipfw's dummynet for bandwidth limiting at the same time

    - by krdx
    I would like to ask if it's fine to use pf for all packet filtering (including using altq for traffic shaping) and ipfw's dummynet for bandwidth limiting certain IPs or subnets at the same time. I am using FreeBSD 10 and I couldn't find a definitive answer to this. Googling returns such results as: It works It doesn't work Might work but it's not stable and not recommended It can work as long as you load the kernel modules in the right order It used to work but with recent FreeBSD versions it doesn't You can make it work provided you use a patch from pfsense Then there's a mention that this patch might had been merged back to FreeBSD, but I can't find it. One certain thing is that pfsense uses both firewalls simultaneously so the question is, is it possible with stock FreeBSD 10 (and where to obtain the patch if it's still necessary). For reference here's a sample of what I have for now and how I load things /etc/rc.conf ifconfig_vtnet0="inet netmask -rxcsum -txcsum" ifconfig_vtnet1="inet netmask -rxcsum -txcsum" defaultrouter="" gateway_enable="YES" firewall_enable="YES" firewall_script="/etc/ipfw.rules" pf_enable="YES" pf_rules="/etc/pf.conf" /etc/pf.conf WAN1="vtnet0" LAN1="vtnet1" set skip on lo0 set block-policy return scrub on $WAN1 all fragment reassemble scrub on $LAN1 all fragment reassemble altq on $WAN1 hfsc bandwidth 30Mb queue { q_ssh, q_default } queue q_ssh bandwidth 10% priority 2 hfsc (upperlimit 99%) queue q_default bandwidth 90% priority 1 hfsc (default upperlimit 99%) nat on $WAN1 from $LAN1:network to any -> ($WAN1) block in all block out all antispoof quick for $WAN1 antispoof quick for $LAN1 pass in on $WAN1 inet proto icmp from any to $WAN1 keep state pass in on $WAN1 proto tcp from any to $WAN1 port www pass in on $WAN1 proto tcp from any to $WAN1 port ssh pass out quick on $WAN1 proto tcp from $WAN1 to any port ssh queue q_ssh keep state pass out on $WAN1 keep state pass in on $LAN1 from $LAN1:network to any keep state /etc/ipfw.rules ipfw -q -f flush ipfw -q add 65534 allow all from any to any ipfw -q pipe 1 config bw 2048KBit/s ipfw -q pipe 2 config bw 2048KBit/s ipfw -q add pipe 1 ip from any to via vtnet1 out ipfw -q add pipe 2 ip from to any via vtnet1 in

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