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  • How to structure git repositories for project?

    - by littledynamo
    I'm working on a content synchronisation module for Drupal. There is a server module, which sits on ona website and exposes content via a web service. There is a also a client module, which sits on a different site and fetches and imports the content at regular intervals. The server is created on Drupal 6. The client is created on Drupal 7. There is going to be a need for a Druapl 7 version of the server. And then there will be a need for a Drupal 8 version of both the client and the server once it is released next year. I'm fairly new to git and source control, so I was wondering what is the best way to setup the git repositories? Would it be a case of having a separate repository for each instance, i.e: Drupal 6 server = 1 repository Drupal 6 client = 1 repository Drupal 7 server = 1 repository Drupal 7 client = 1 repository etc Or would it make more sense to have one repository for the server and another for the client then create branches for each Drupal version? Currently I have 2 repositories - one for the client and another for the server.

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