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  • How does cross domain authentication work in a firewalled environment?

    - by LVLAaron
    This is a simplification and the names have been changed to protect the innocent. The assets: Active Directory Domains corp.lan saas.lan User accounts [email protected] [email protected] Servers dc.corp.lan (domain controller) dc.saas.lan (domain controller) server.saas.lan A one way trust exists between the domains so user accounts in corp.lan and log into servers in saas.lan No firewall between dc.corp.lan and dc.saas.lan server.saas.lan is in a firewalled zone and a set of rules exist so it can talk to dc.saas.lan I can log into server.saas.lan with [email protected] - But I don't understand how it works. If I watch firewall logs, I see a bunch of login chatter between server.saas.lan and dc.saas.lan I also see a bunch of DROPPED chatter between server.saas.lan and dc.corp.lan. Presumably, this is because server.saas.lan is trying to authenticate [email protected] But no firewall rule exists that allows communication between these hosts. However, [email protected] can log in successfully to server.saas.lan - Once logged in, I can "echo %logonserver%" and get \dc.corp.lan. So.... I am a little confused how the account actually gets authenticated. Does dc.saas.lan eventually talk to dc.corp.lan after server.saas.lan can't talk to dc.corp.lan? Just trying to figure out what needs to be changed/fixed/altered.

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