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  • Windows 7 Internet Sharing - How to have simultaneous Internet Access to my client

    - by Marl
    The condition: I'm running on windows 7, I'm using a usb broad band for my computer, then my computer is connected to the router tp-link tl-wr340g (in this sense my computer is the internet source since my router has no usb port for this type of broad band). I set the broad band to have internet sharing. I got 3-4 client connected through the router. The problem is whenever a client is using the internet, other clients including me don't have internet connection, additionally, If I have the internet access other clients don't have internet access. In my setup in windows XP (bridging the broad band and the router network) it works perfectly fine, every one has simultaneous internet. To clarify, how can I have all clients including me have internet connection simultaneously in my windows 7 OS? //Additionally, the create "network bridge" setup is missing, from this link the "Bridge Connection is missing", how can I fix that?

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