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  • How to use suse linux as a small router

    - by Mingo
    I has 2 subnet and and one suse linux, the linux has 2 interface, eth0 and eth1. I want to configurate the suse linux as a router so that make these 2 subnet can communicate with each other. This is my steps: 1.set the linux eth0 ip as,eth1 ip 2.add route in linux: route add -net netmask dev eth0 route add -net netmask dev eth1 3.set gw as,and gw as I am not sure this will work or not? or some step i missing?

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  • How to pass multiple different records (not class due to delphi limitations) to a function?

    - by mingo
    Hi to all. I have a number of records I cannot convert to classes due to Delphi limitation (all of them uses class operators to implement comparisons). But I have to pass to store them in a class not knowing which record type I'm using. Something like this: type R1 = record begin x :Mytype; class operator Equal(a,b:R1) end; type R2 = record begin y :Mytype; class operator Equal(a,b:R2) end; type Rn = record begin z :Mytype; class operator Equal(a,b:Rn) end; type TC = class begin x : TObject; y : Mytype; function payload (n:TObject) end; function TC.payload(n:TObject) begin x := n; end; program: c : TC; x : R1; y : R2; ... c := TC.Create(): n:=TOBject(x); c.payload(n); Now, Delphi do not accept typecast from record to TObject, and I cannot make them classes due to Delphi limitation. Anyone knows a way to pass different records to a function and recognize their type when needed, as we do with class: if x is TMyClass then TMyClass(x) ... ???

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