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  • OWA, Outlook Anywhere, RPCPing Inconsistencies

    - by pk.
    I'm troubleshooting an Outlook Anywhere issue with a new Exchange 2010 server. The server in question, MS2010, is behind a SonicWALL NSA 2400 device and works wonderfully except for Outlook Anywhere. Outlook Anywhere works internally and I've verified (through Ctrl-Right Click --> Connection Status) that I'm able to connect to MS2010 over HTTPS. When trying to connect to the server using HTTPS from outside the firewall, I'm unable to do so. A Wireshark trace shows 30 or so successful HTTPS packet transmissions, and then it fails with 3 straight transmissions to a destination port of 135. I have no idea why my computer is attempting to access anything on port 135 since I've setup my profile to use HTTPS on both slow and fast connections. I'm 99% certain that the firewall is configured correctly. I run Outlook Web Access (also HTTPS) on the same server and there are no issues with access. EDIT: My Autodiscover settings are correct (as far as I can tell). My server passes the Outlook Anywhere and Autodiscover tests at I've been using the RPCPing utility to troubleshoot and have come across the following results: Internally- >rpcping -t ncacn_http -s -o -P "pk,mydomain,*" -I "pk,mydomain,*" -H 1 -u 10 -a connect -F 3 -v 3 -E -R none RPCPing v2.12. Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation, 2002 OS Version is: 6.1, Service Pack 1 RPCPinging proxy server with Echo Request Packet Sending ping to server Response from server received: 200 Pinging successfully completed in 93 ms Externally- >rpcping -t ncacn_http -s -o -P "pk,mydomain,*" -I "pk,mydomain,*" -H 1 -u 10 -a connect -F 3 -v 3 -E -R none RPCPing v6.0. Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation, 2002-2006 Enter password for RPC/HTTP proxy: RPCPing set Activity ID: {fc8411ba-2987-4175-b37b-801dc69d5ff9} RPCPinging proxy server with Echo Request Packet Setting autologon policy to high WinHttpSetCredentials for target server called Error 87 : The parameter is incorrect. returned in WinHttpSetCredentials Ping failed What should I be checking in order to troubleshoot my Outlook Anywhere issues? I'm using Windows 7 SP1 for internal and external access. EDIT: Autodiscover.xml content <?xml version="1.0"?> <Autodiscover xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns=""> <Response xmlns=""> <User> <DisplayName>John Doe</DisplayName> <LegacyDN>/o=MYDOMAIN/ou=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)/cn=Recipients/cn=pk</LegacyDN> <DeploymentId>d35170cc-f3a7-42c5-9427-1f554a469126</DeploymentId> </User> <Account> <AccountType>email</AccountType> <Action>settings</Action> <Protocol> <Type>EXCH</Type> <Server>MS2010.MYDOMAIN.local</Server> <ServerDN>/o=MYDOMAIN/ou=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)/cn=Configuration/cn=Servers/cn=MS2010</ServerDN> <ServerVersion>738180DA</ServerVersion> <MdbDN>/o=MYDOMAIN/ou=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)/cn=Configuration/cn=Servers/cn=MS2010/cn=Microsoft Private MDB</MdbDN> <ASUrl>https://MS2010.MYDOMAIN.local/EWS/Exchange.asmx</ASUrl> <OOFUrl>https://MS2010.MYDOMAIN.local/EWS/Exchange.asmx</OOFUrl> <OABUrl>http://MS2010.MYDOMAIN.local/OAB/2c34c9f5-5521-4c8c-b684-538df815052a/</OABUrl> <UMUrl>https://MS2010.MYDOMAIN.local/EWS/UM2007Legacy.asmx</UMUrl> <Port>0</Port> <DirectoryPort>0</DirectoryPort> <ReferralPort>0</ReferralPort> <PublicFolderServer>MS2007.MYDOMAIN.local</PublicFolderServer> <AD>dc1.MYDOMAIN.local</AD> <EwsUrl>https://MS2010.MYDOMAIN.local/EWS/Exchange.asmx</EwsUrl> <EcpUrl>https://MS2010.MYDOMAIN.local/ecp/</EcpUrl> <EcpUrl-um>?p=customize/voicemail.aspx&amp;exsvurl=1</EcpUrl-um> <EcpUrl-aggr>?p=personalsettings/EmailSubscriptions.slab&amp;exsvurl=1</EcpUrl-aggr> <EcpUrl-mt>PersonalSettings/DeliveryReport.aspx?exsvurl=1&amp;IsOWA=&lt;IsOWA&gt;&amp;MsgID=&lt;MsgID&gt;&amp;Mbx=&lt;Mbx&gt;</EcpUrl-mt> <EcpUrl-ret>?p=organize/retentionpolicytags.slab&amp;exsvurl=1</EcpUrl-ret> <EcpUrl-sms>?p=sms/textmessaging.slab&amp;exsvurl=1</EcpUrl-sms> </Protocol> <Protocol> <Type>EXPR</Type> <Server></Server> <ASUrl></ASUrl> <OOFUrl></OOFUrl> <OABUrl></OABUrl> <UMUrl></UMUrl> <Port>0</Port> <DirectoryPort>0</DirectoryPort> <ReferralPort>0</ReferralPort> <SSL>On</SSL> <AuthPackage>Basic</AuthPackage> <CertPrincipalName></CertPrincipalName> <EwsUrl></EwsUrl> <EcpUrl></EcpUrl> <EcpUrl-um>?p=customize/voicemail.aspx&amp;exsvurl=1</EcpUrl-um> <EcpUrl-aggr>?p=personalsettings/EmailSubscriptions.slab&amp;exsvurl=1</EcpUrl-aggr> <EcpUrl-mt>PersonalSettings/DeliveryReport.aspx?exsvurl=1&amp;IsOWA=&lt;IsOWA&gt;&amp;MsgID=&lt;MsgID&gt;&amp;Mbx=&lt;Mbx&gt;</EcpUrl-mt> <EcpUrl-ret>?p=organize/retentionpolicytags.slab&amp;exsvurl=1</EcpUrl-ret> <EcpUrl-sms>?p=sms/textmessaging.slab&amp;exsvurl=1</EcpUrl-sms> </Protocol> <Protocol> <Type>WEB</Type> <Port>0</Port> <DirectoryPort>0</DirectoryPort> <ReferralPort>0</ReferralPort> <Internal> <OWAUrl AuthenticationMethod="Basic, Fba">https://MS2010.MYDOMAIN.local/owa/</OWAUrl> <Protocol> <Type>EXCH</Type> <ASUrl>https://MS2010.MYDOMAIN.local/EWS/Exchange.asmx</ASUrl> </Protocol> </Internal> <External> <OWAUrl AuthenticationMethod="Fba"></OWAUrl> <Protocol> <Type>EXPR</Type> <ASUrl></ASUrl> </Protocol> </External> </Protocol> </Account> </Response> </Autodiscover>

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  • SCCM 2007 R2 missing boot.wim files from OSD\Boot folder

    - by JohnyV
    I have just installed SCCM 2007 R2 and when I went to deploy an OS i found that there is a problem with the boot.wim...There isnt one in the osd\ folder on the SCCM server. I then tried to use other WIM files and they all failed with "Error: Errors You can not import this boot image. Only finalized boot images are supported" I even tried to recreate the wim with DISM and it still would not accept it. Any ideas.

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  • mail merge e-mail in Word 2007 with attachment

    - by kevyn
    Is there a simple way to mail merge with Word 2007 and add an attachment? I've searched google, and all results point to pasting in VB code. I want to a small team of novice users to be able to mail merge e-mails and add attachments. Does anyone know a simple way of doing this without code?

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  • Publisher 2007 files created on Vista 32 bit won't open on Vista 64 bit

    - by BBlack
    I created several documents in MS Office Publisher 2007 when I was using Windows Vista 32 bit version. I've recently upgraded to the 64 bit version of Vista and am now having trouble opening the files created on the previous Windows setup. When I try to open my documents, I get this warning: Publisher can not open the document. How do I go about resolving this?

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  • Where to download SCOM 2007 R2?

    - by spoulson
    I'm browsing the MSDN subscriber downloads and they only have up to SCOM 2007 SP1. Searching Microsoft downloads has the R2 evaluation edition, but that's not what I need. The R2 release has been available for a least the last month, so where should I be able to find it?

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  • MOSS 2007 - Solution deployment never successful

    - by Sam
    We cannot get any solutions to deploy to a MOSS 2007 environment. We are also attempting to install solutions from a SharePoint vendor - their installer is reporting the solutions are already deployed. This doesn't appear to apply to our farm: We could not find that path location anywhere our any of our MOSS servers (CA, WFEs, etc).

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  • Microsoft Word 2007 diff

    - by stanigator
    Most likely been asked already, although I don't know the appropriate phrasing. Does Word 2007 come with diff functionality already when installed? If not, what's the easiest way of taking advantage of such functionalities (namely create a patch file between two documents showing the changes I have made)? Thanks in advance!

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  • Move to next selection in Word 2007

    - by Arthur Ward
    When I have multiple selections in a Word 2007 document, such as after selecting all instances of a style, how can I move from one selection to the next? When you issue the select all instances command, the view snaps to the next instance of the style, but how can I find the other instances? Any cursor key will unselect everything. Using the mouse to scroll through the document is not feasible for large documents, plus the selection could be a single character -- very easy to miss!

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  • Exchange 2007 - Exchange ActiveSync

    - by Wu
    We have ISA 2006 and Exchange 2007 and would like to get the Exchange ActiveSync to sync with non-windows base phones eg.Sony Ericsson... We got it to sync with Windows base phone ie. smart phone or PDA... but not able to get it to syc with Sony Ericsson phone which is not a windows base phone. Does anyone come across this issue before and how to solve it?

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  • Why Office 2007 override Windows regional date setting?

    - by Istari
    I have a problem with a specific user's computer running windows XP SP2 and Office 2007. Although she has the regional date setting in windows to dd/mm/yyyy, her office applications are still reverting to mm/dd/yyyy which is driving her (and me) nuts. None of our other machines is doing this. Does anyone have a clue as to what to be looking for as the source of this irritating problem?

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  • "macros have been disabled" message in Word 2007 but no macros

    - by Loftx
    Hi there, I open a .doc file in Word 2007 (sorry I am unable to supply the .doc) which pops up with a message above the document "Security warning: Macros have been disabled" but there are no macros shown in the macros listing and no functionality displayed in the VBScript editor. Why does Word think this document contains macros and how can I remove them to prevent the warning? Thanks, Tom

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  • Why do I have a different jump list for Outlook 2007

    - by Steve Crane
    I understand that the Windows 7 jump list for Outlook 2007 should look something like the one on the left, whereas mine, on the right contains only the three basic items and an ICS file I imported recently. I would like to have access to the commands for creating new items from my jump list. Can anyone explain why I don't get the other commands and what I might be able to do to enable them?

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