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  • Amazon EC2 Nat Instance - goes out but not back in

    - by nocode
    I've followed Amazon's steps and list what I've done. I've created 6 subnets (4 private SN1:, SN2:, SN3:, SN4: and 2 public (SN5: and SN6: -I have a Bastion host and a NAT instance on SN5 and assigned EIP's to both. I created a test instance on SN1. edit: -NAT instance has source/destination check disabled -On the NAT instance, I had enabled the following commands to be bootstrapped: echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s -j MASQUERADE -In my VPC, the private subnets have their own route table and configured to the NAT instance with 4 subnets being associated with the route table. I have a second route table for my public subnets and is pointed towards the IGW (with the other 2 subnets associated with it). -For Security Groups, I have the NAT instance accepting all traffic on each of the 4 subnets and all OUTBOUND traffic is allowed. For my test server, I have allowed all outbound access and have allowed all traffic from the public subnet of the NAT host. I can ping internally with no issues. On my test instance, if I try to ping, DNS resolves however I don't get a reply back. On my NAT instance, I run a tcpdump and can see the request being requested to but it's not sending the reply back. My NAT host can ping and receive a reply from google. From the test host, when I ping the NAT instance, the tcpdump shows a request and receive. Is there something I'm missing? EDIT: I've figured it out - I had to save the iptable config and restart the service.

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