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  • Is there a website like this?

    - by Slawek
    Hi guys, because so much questions are closed here i was wondering if there is some website that's really about programmers< you know real programmers, that have a life not codemonkeys. For example i'd like to see what programmers around the world wear, maybe pictures. It's of course related to programming but i think community here is to strict to allow anything that has no "PHP" or "Java" in title. You know, some place where you can ask questions not only related to lines of code but to ... programmers :) For now this subsite feels more than .coding, not .programmers to be honest :) BTW: I saw there's life-style tag... maybe not all hope is lost...

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  • Ubuntu 14.04 and Dell E6440 - sound and mouse working after suspend/resume

    - by slawek.mikula
    I've installed fresh Ubuntu 14.04 on Dell Lattitude E6440 and i've encountered two strange issues when doing full system start/restart: - mouse scroll when full restart is working very fast. One turn of the wheel cause very large change of value (window scroll, sound change etc.) But when i suspend and resume laptop it starts working correctly (one turn of the wheel and small change of value - the same as in previous versions of Ubuntu) - sound from speakers - the same issue. When full restart the sound does not come from internal laptop speakers. It works though through headphones. After suspend/resume internal speakers starts to work. What can be a cause of these issues ?

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