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  • How to build 64-bit Python on OS X 10.6 -- ONLY 64 bit, no Universal nonsense

    - by ssteiner
    I just want to build this on my development machine -- the binary install from is still 32 bits and installing extensions (MySQLdb, for example) is driving me nuts with trying to figure out the proper flags for each and every extension. Clarification: I did NOT replace the system Python, I just installed the binary into its normal place at /Library/..., not /System/Library/.... Everything else seems to build 64 bit by default, and the default Python 2.6.1 was 64 bit (before I replaced it with the build figuring it was a direct replacement)` I just want a 64 bit only build that will run on my one machine without any cruft. Does anyone have a simple answer? Thanks much, [email protected]

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