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  • Microsoft® MVP (Most Valuable Professional) in XNA / DirectX.

    - by uditha
    I got an email form Microsoft saying that i have been selected for MVP in XNA/DirectX category. It was really memorable moment for me.And proud to be a Microsoft MVP. There are now total 44 MVPs for XNA/DirectX. About MVP Program. My MVP Profile. Official SEA MVP blog.

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  • XNA Notes 007

    - by George Clingerman
    Every week I keep wondering if there’s going to be enough activity in the community to keep doing these notes on a weekly basis and every week I’m reminded of just how awesome and active the XNA community is. There’s engines being made, tutorials being created, games being crafted. There’s information being shared, questions being answered and then there’s another whole community around the Xbox LIVE Indie Games themselves. It’s really incredibly to just watch all that’s going on and I’m glad I’m playing a small part in all of this. So here’s what I noticed happening in the XNA community last week. If there’s things I’m missing, always feel free to let me know. I love learning about new corners of the XNA community that I wasn’t aware of or just have been missing! XNA Developers: Uditha Bandara held an XNA Game Development Workshops at Singapore Universities Binary Tweed gives his talks about Indie City and gives his opinion on the false promise of digital distribution Kris Steele posts his Trivia or Die postmortem @MadNinjaSkills (James Johnston) posts his feelings on testing for XBLIG Simon (@DDReaper) posts hints and tips for XNA developers to help get the size of their projects down!/DDReaper/status/38279440924545024 Michael B. McLaughlin proving why he should be an XNA MVP posts the list of commonly used value types in XNA games!/mikebmcl/status/38166541354811392 Paul Powell (@ITSligoPaul) posts about a common sprite batch as a game service @SigilXNA (John Defenbaugh) posts his new level editor video for the sequel to Opac’s Journey!/SigilXNA/status/36548174373982209 @jwatte updates kW Animation for XNA 4.0 @DSebJ posts Blender to SunBurn!/DSebJ/status/36564920224976896 Ads and WP7 Games - @mechaghost shares his revenue data for his ad based games Xbox LIVE Indie Games (XBLIG): Steven Hurdle posts day 100 of his quest to find a fantastic XBLIG purchase every day Xbox 360 Indie Game Buying Guide - 12 games for $60 including several Xbox LIVE Indie games! (although if the XNA community was asked we could have recommended 60 games for $60...) The best selling Xbox LIVE Indie games of 2010 I’d buy that for a dollar! - the California Literary Review points out a few gems on the XBLIG marketplace (and other places) where you can game on the cheap. Armless Octopus Episode 39 - The Indie Gem Octocast Ska Studios posts a plethora of updates Kotaku posts about the Xbox LIVE Indie Game that makes you go Pew Pew Pew Pew Pew Pew!5760632/the-game-that-makes-you-go-pew-pew-pew-pew-pew-pew-pew GameMarx continues to be active and doing a ton for the XBLIG community reviews and Top 5 indie games of the week 2/4-2/10 a new podcast Xbox Indie New Releases!/gamemarx/status/36888849107910656 @MasterBlud uploads Indocalypse XBLIG Collections #2!/MasterBlud/status/37100029697064960 Just Press Start interviews Michael Hicks from MichaelArts, 18 year old creator of Honor in Vengeance Achievement Locked interviews Kris Steele of FunInfused Games XNA Game Development: XNA -UK launches their XAP test service to help the XNA community Transmute shows off a video of the standard character editor Microsoft Tech Student introduces their first tech student of the month.  Meet Daniel Van Tassel from the University of Utah and learn how he created an Xbox LIVE Indie Game using XNA Studio XNA for Silverlight Developers Part 3 - Animation (transforms) XNA for Silverlight Developers Part 4 - Animation (frame based) @suhinini tweets about an XNA Sprite Font generation tool!/suhinini/status/36841370131890176 XNATouch 1.5 is out and in it’s words is faster, simpler, more reliable and has the XNA 4.0 API IndieCity is hosting marketing workshops for Indie Developers (UK and US) New York Students - Learn XNA and Silverlight for Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7 Extra Credits: Videogame Music Steve Pavlina posts an article with useful information for all XNA/XBLIG developers

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