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  • posting php variable that contains apostrophe

    - by user1658170
    I am having trouble posting a php variable to another page. The variable is retrieved from a dropdown selected by the user and if it contains an apostrophe, I only get the part prior to the apostrophe posted. I.E. If I want to post "Cooper's Hawk" I am only receiving "Cooper". How do I escape this properly so that I can post the entire string? This is what I have: echo '<form method="POST" action="advanced_search2.php">'; $dropdown_english_name = "<select class = 'dropdown' name='english_name'> <option>ALL</option>"; $posted_value = ($_POST['english_name']); echo;$posted_value;die; So, to clarify from the above code, the posted string is "cooper's hawk" but the echoed output is "Cooper". Thanks in advance for any tips.

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