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  • Internet suddenly stopped working

    - by user95629
    I was using NoMachine to access Ubuntu 11.10 when suddenly the internet on Ubuntu stopped working. Now Ubuntu doesn't recognize the internet at all (including locally). Symptoms: Doesn't recognize the fact that there is an ethernet cable attached. (I've tried switching cables, didn't work.) GUI says "No network devices available" Can't ping external IP addresses. Tried changing /etc/network/interfaces to eth1 instead of eth0 but it didn't work. ifconfig provides no output relating to eth0. When I type "/etc/init.d/networking restart" it tells me "Cannot find device 'eth0'/Failed to bring up eth0." The network settings had used a static IP address prior to the crash. I don't know why it won't recognize the ethernet (I think this is the fundamental problem, but I might be wrong) and why it stopped working so suddenly--I haven't installed any updates lately. Any ideas? Any more information I should provide? EDIT: lspci recognizes the Ethernet controller; netstat does not. lspci calls it "Intel Corporation Device 0000"

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