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  • Outlook 2010 corrupts all Office attachments on a Server 2008R2 Remote Desktop Server

    - by Zhadu
    I have a rather annoying problem with a clients new Remote Desktop server. The problem is that any and all Office attachments (tested with Word and Excel documents) sent to the users via email cannot be opened due to the file seemingly being corrupted/damaged. I have determined that it is a local problem on the server, as the attachments work fine on my own pc. Also I believe the problem is isolated to Outlook, as the users can open already stored Office files without any issues. What are your thoughts on this? Extra information: The server is running Microsoft Server 2008 R2. The Office is a version 2010. It is handeling the roles of AD and RDS - The client only has one server, hence the breach of best practise. There is currently no AV software on the server. I have tried running a repair as well as a reinstalling of Office, with the error still there.

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