JAMES Mailet development process

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I'm starting a project that involves writing mailets for Apache James. As far as I can tell, the only way to test a change in my code (on Windows) is through the following steps:

  1. Compile the mailet code
  2. Build a jar file containing the mailet
  3. Copy the jar file into the apps/james/SAR-INF/lib directory
  4. Start JAMES from run.bat
  5. Run test
  6. Stop JAMES by telneting to port 4555 and issuing a shutdown command (I guess on Linux a SIGTERM would suffice)

I can automate all these steps using Ant and some scripting magic, but I was wondering if I was missing something. Does anyone here have experience developing mailets? Did you use a similar process, or is there an easier way?

For example, is there a way to make a running James instance reload the mailets JAR?

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