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I am in the midst of setting up the development environment (PHP/MySQL) for my start-up. We use three sets of servers:

LIVE - the servers which provide the actual application TEST - providing a testing version before it is actually released DEV - the development servers

The development servers run SVN with each developer checking out their local copy. At the end of each day completed fixes are checked in and then we use Hudson to automate our build process and then transfer it over to TEST. We then check the application still functions correctly using a tester and then if everything is fine move it to LIVE. I am happy with this process but I do have two questions:

  • How would you recommend we do local testing - as each developer adds new pages or changes functionality I want them to be able to test what they are doing. Would you just setup local Apache and a local database and have them test locally on their own machine?

  • How would you recommend dealing with data layer changes?

  • Is there anything else you would recommend doing to really make our development process as easy and efficient as possible?

Thanks in advance

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