ajax control toolkit combobox displays incorectly when in fieldset with style of position:re

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I currently have an Instance of the ajax control toolkit combo box residing in a field set with a style of position:releative applied. The control also sits in a very plain table (please no comments about using tables for lay-out, I know it is evil and try to avoid it).

There are two problems with the display of the list:

  1. The list does not sit flush with the text box. In I.E. 7 (which is the majority of my target audience, intranet where IE7 is the company standard) the list display about 10px below the fieldset, which is what the bottom margin of the fieldset is set to. In FF 2.0 the list sits sinificantly lower and off-set to the right.
  2. Below the filed set there is more content in a div, also with a style of position:relative applied. The list from the combo box displays behind the content of this div, which is obviouly an issue.

Removing position:releative from the fieldset resolves the display issue of the combo box, but results in other unwanted display side effects.

My interim workaround is to specifically restyle this fieldset without the position:absolute style, but I'm hoping for a better solution.


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