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Are you looking for a way to take the music videos you watch on YouTube and convert them to MP3? Today we take a look at an easy way to convert those YouTube videos to MP3 for free with YouTube Downloader.

The YouTube Downloader functions in two steps. First, it downloads the video from YouTube in MP4 format, and then allows you to convert that MP4 file to MP3.

Note: It also supports conversion conversion to some other formats such as AVI video, MOV, iPhone, PSP, 3GP, and WMV.  

Installation and usage

Download and Install YouTube Downloader. (See download link below)


Open the YouTube Downloader by clicking on the desktop icon.


Find a YouTube video you’d like to convert to MP3 and copy the URL.


Paste the URL into the “Enter video URL” text box in YouTube Downloader. When you hover your mouse over the text box, the text box will auto-fill with the URL from your clipboard.


Select the “Download video from YouTube” radio button and click “Ok.”


Choose a folder to location to download your YouTube video and click “Save.” The video is downloaded in MP4 format.


Now wait while the video is downloaded to your hard drive.


Select the “Convert video (previously downloaded) from file” radio button.


Click the (…) button to the right of the “Select video file” text box to browse for and select the MP4 file you just downloaded.


Then select “MPEG Audio Layer (MP3) from the “Convert to” drop down list.


Select “OK” to begin the conversion.


Choose the conversion quality by moving the slider to the right or left. The options are: Low (96kbps bite rate), Medium (128kbps bit rate), Optimal (192kbps bit rate), and High 256kbps bit rate). Here you can select the output volume as well. Click “OK” when finished.


If there is a portion of the beginning or end of the video that you wish to cut out of the MP3, select the “Cut video” check box and choose a Start and End time. Click “OK” when finished. Note: The start and end time represent the audio portion of the MP3 you wish to keep. All portions before and after these times will be cut.


The conversion process will begin and should only take a few moments. Times will vary depending on the size of the video you’re converting.


Conversion was successful!


The MP3 you converted will be in the same directory you downloaded the video to.


Now you’re ready to listen to your MP3 or import it to your Zune, iTunes, or music library. You may also want to delete the MP4 files after the conversion if you will no longer need them.



YouTube Downloader features a very simple interface that’s user friendly and easy to use. It comes in handy when you watch videos that look horrible, but the sound quality is good. Or if you just need to hear the audio of something posted and don’t need the video. It also allows you to download from Google Video, MySpace, and others.

Download YouTube Downloader

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